Filling the gaps in our knowledge of ALS

Advancing ALS therapy and progress toward a cure

Advancing toward a cure

Collaborative and translational research to find and fill the gaps in our knowledge about the causes and treatment of ALS

Welcome to the website for the ALS Research Collaboration (ARC), a clinical/translational research group led by Dr. Michael Benatar and Joanne Wuu at the University of Miami. Our research program aims to advance ALS therapy development by identifying and filling knowledge gaps that have, in the past, hampered the development of effective treatments. The complexity of this undertaking requires a breadth of expertise, necessitating our highly inter-disciplinary, broadly collaborative, and seamlessly translational approach to research. The name of our group – the ALS Research Collaboration – is meant to capture this ethos. We also see our work as a partnership with the patients and families whom we serve; and we could not do this work without your commitment and engagement. If you are already participating in one of our studies, thank you. If you are in search of information about research opportunities, we look forward to hearing from you.