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CReATe Consortium: CAPTURE-ALS (Clinical Procedures to Support Research in ALS) Study

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Principal Investigators

Michael Benatar, MD, PhD

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  • Utilize information collected in the electronic health records to advance ALS research and to improve the quality of ALS patient care


Patients in Multidisciplinary ALS Clinic


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Diagnosis of ALS or a related disorder
Receiving care at the UMiami Multidisciplinary ALS clinic (or at another study site)

Study Involvement

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Provide electronic consent for researchers to use clinically collected information in electronic health records for research purposes
Optional: One-time DNA (blood sample) collection

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Related Publications

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Granit V, Grignon AL, Wuu J, Katz J, Walk D, Hussain S, Hernandez J, Jackson C, Caress J, Yosick T, Smider N, Benatar M. Harnessing the power of the electronic health record for ALS research and quality improvement: CReATe CAPTURE-ALS and the ALS Toolkit. Muscle Nerve. 2021 Nov 3. Online ahead of print.

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